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Deadline to send your project is 25.04.2010
Project inauguration - it will be announced

Project " Jardins à la française au Chateau de la Huardière"


We would be very honoured if the indicated project could be developed in your University, in some specific faculties, in order to involve your students in an international project.

Objective: The main objective of this project is to realise two French-style gardens on each part of the alee shown in Photo 1, on the land of Château de la Huardiere, Sully-sur-Loire, France. This project also aims to stimulate the students creativity and to involve them in a large scale international project, in order to from a multi-cultural team. Their work would be also considered in some European projects, in the frame of development, environment, patrimony, and heritage.

The French government considers Les Jardins à la française as historical monuments, and one of the most famous gardens can be discovered around Versailles castle, and they are well-known by their symmetry, fountains, decoration.
Why La Huardière domain?
The Loire Valley is a UNESCO patrimonial zone, and the region where the Castle is situated is a part of Zone Zico, Zone Nature 2000. Also an arheological site and a classified forest are to be noted.

Deadline to send your project is 25.04.2010 . The winner project will coordinate all work related to these gardens, the work being realised in collaboration with students from different European Universities, with the aim of changes of opinions, and to get a unique experience.

Participants are students of different faculties in the needed profiles (agronomy, peisagist-art, geography, environment, geology, mining) from France, Germany, Bulgaria, Holland, Hungary, Romania, Russia, USA, Canada, etc.


Round I: 25.02-01.03.2010:
We would very much appreciate if you can send your letter of interest to Prof. Angela Craciun ( and Prof. Mioara Mandea (, with the following information:
- the name of the faculty, the leader person of the project and his/her contact information
- a list with names of involved students, with their own contact information


Round II: 25.02-25.04.2010:
More information about the topography of the place will be made available. Moreover, all requirements from participants will be addressed, and their questions answered. Also, information about the evaluation criteria will be given.


Deadline to send the project: 25.04.2010.
Winner project: jury decision
Project inauguration: it will be announced soon
Project realisation: April 2010 – April 2011.


Of course, we are aware of the short time in front of you to realize a very detailed project, and what we would like is to invite you to provide your concept about it, your involvement in the second step, and a short University description. In a second step, participating students will stay together around the table to go into detail and to build this project together, and this will be done in the nice area of Château de la Huardiere!


Moreover, we would like to inform you that the prize for the WINNER team is 3000 euros, and a paid invitation to the PROJECT INAUGURATION CEREMONY at Château de la Huardiere!


The project will be funded by Mme Angela Craciun, the owner of Château de la Huardiere, Sully-sur-Loire, France. We will take care of this project over the needed time to run it, estimated of about one year, in collaboration with a close team.

Dr. Angela Craciun
President of l'Organisation Mondiale de Mineralogie(O.M.M.)
Associated Professor at Petrosani University, Romania
Member of Natural Science Academy, Russia
President of ACAP Loire, Château de la Huardiere



Photo 1: The main alee which linked the castle to the main national road.


Photo 2: Photo of the interior gardens.

The new gardens are planned on the other side of the wall.


Photo 3: Photo of the future garden zone,

situated on the right side (the castle being behind – see Photo 1)



Photo 4: The interior yard, on the left side,

with the specific vegetation of the area. 



Helping Materials

Huardiere Risque Majeurs

Plan de Situation

Plaquette Natura2000

Sully Le Sech

Zone Natura2000 Habitats

Zone Natura2000 Oiaseaux

On the last page of the pdf, you will find the project division. The castle is 84, and the wall around is in green. The new gardens will be on each side of the alee noted 63, considering the maximum space you have, and which is given by the right area.

Both gardens (so on the left and right side of the alee) are on a very flat terrain (no topography).

For the gardens, a suitable scale will be 1/100 (1cm on the plan = 1 m  on the field). This will not imply large sheets of paper, and still gives enough flexibility to draw them. From the plan, we can imagine the gardens as 150m x150m.


The presentation of the project must be in english, on paper and magnetic support.

Minimum 2 plates in landscape 120/85 cm : the first has to ilustrate the concept, the second, the vision about the studied area.

It has to be sent to Mme. Angela Craciun , Chateau de la Huardiere, 45600 Sully-sur-Loire, FRANCE, where it will kept seald untill the jury opeans every project.




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